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At Fire Botanicals™, we help support the body and mind with herbs, nutrition and positive mindset. We offer herbal formulations, custom tea blends plus herbal and nutrition consulting.

Are you ready to start the journey to a stronger, healthier you?

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My education is in herbal medicine and nutrition consulting. I do not have a medical degree. I am not a medical doctor. My certification is 2600 hours Herbal Medicine from the HOH Herbal School and Nutrition Coaching from ITN Nutrition School.

Herbal remedies are not researched or validated by the FDA.

ALWAYS consult your medical doctor BEFORE starting herbal supplements as they can have side effects and counteract with other medications.

The suggestions herein are given based on my formal education in the use of herbs and supplements; These are my personal experiences and opinions.

Please get medical advice before using them; ESPECIALLY before giving them to children. By taking any Fire Botanical™ products, you accept full responsibility for their use and results.