Bath Salts



Our unique Bath Salts blends are ideal for soothing and resetting your inner being.  They are great after a stressful day, for those lacking in energy or helping minor aches and pains.

Our Bath Salts are formulated and hand-crafted with only the best ingredients.   They provide an immersive experience that plays to all your senses.

Ingredients: Formulated based upon your needs.  Ingredients list is provided upon consultation or by email request.


Quantity – 16oz.

Package material – Amber plastic container

Q & A:


Q – How much Bath Salts should I use at one time?

A – Try using 1/4 of the salts per bath.


Q – How long should I soak in the Bath Salts?

A – We suggest, for a relaxing experience, to soak for at least 20 minutes.


Q – Where should I store the product?

A – Store the Bath Salts in a dry / cool cabinet.