Fire Botanical™ tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts.  They are formulated and mixed for your specific needs, for a wide range of applications.  Tinctures support overall health but with single dose and are ideal for individuals who shy away from swallowing traditional pills or drinking herbal teas.

Tinctures support the body by helping you: unwind, boost the immune system, reduce pain and soreness, improve digestion, stimulate brain function, provide antioxidants and reduce inflammation.

Ingredients: Formulated based upon your needs.  Ingredients list is provided upon consultation or by email request.


Quantity – 2oz. or 4oz. Amber Glass Bottle

Q & A:


Q – How long do tinctures last in the bottle?

A – Tinctures can last for several years and beyond depending on use and storage.  Store in a cool / dry cabinet.


Q – Can Tinctures be mixed with juice, water or etc.?

A – Yes.  Some people find it easier to dose by adding to small amount of juice, water or honey.


Q – Why is the bottle dark amber?

A – The dark amber color helps retain potency of the product.