Tea Blends


Our wide range of custom tea blends are formulated and mixed for your specific needs, for all types of applications.

Herbal teas support the body by helping you: unwind, boost the immune system, reduce pain and soreness, improve digestion, stimulate brain function, provide antioxidants and reduce inflammation.

Ingredients: Formulated based upon your needs.  Ingredients list is provided upon consultation or by email request.


Quantity – 14 tea bags

1 tea bag makes 2-3 cups of tea

Q & A:


Q – How long do I steep the teabags for maximum benefits?

A – It is recommended to steep each teabag for 40 minutes, minimum 20 minutes.


Q – How many cups should I brew using a single teabag?

A – It is best to brew 3 cups / mugs of water to 1 teabag (at a time) for best potency.


Q – How should I store my teabags?

A – It is best to store the teabags (in the packaging provided) in a cool / dry cabinet.