Fire Cider


Our Fire Cider is made with the best of ingredients.

It has been known to be an: antiviral / antibacterial, anti inflammatory, energy booster, helps relieves sinus congestion, curbs cravings, aides in digestion, lowers blood sugar, wards off colds and flus.

Ingredients: Formulated based upon your needs.  Ingredients list is provided upon consultation or by email request.


Quantity – 16oz. Amber Glass Bottle

Q & A:


Q – How long does Fire Cider last in the bottle?

A – Fire Cider lasts for several months in the refrigerator.


Q – How much Fire Cider should I take per dose?

A – Dosages depend on application and intent.


Q – Why is the bottle dark amber?

A – The dark amber color helps retain potency of the product.